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The Photo Cookout Virtual Summit is an exclusive set of free online photography courses focused on making your business a success. Join me as I take you under the hood of Adobe Lightroom. Learn with me as I give you the tools to take your editing game from Basic to Pro. With the use of […]

This Fun Grand Bahama Engagement session with Cara & Aki is filled with so much amazing energy between them. He’s constantly making her laugh. She loving rests her hands in his as they talk about how they met and their future plans. She’s totally embraced his Trini culture & speaks about how their wedding will […]

The strength of this woman! I wanted to share a few stunning images of this Nassau Bahamas maternity session of Wynsome. How do you describe one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life and yet the saddest. I don’t have the words, but this woman right here is handling it with grace, and […]