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And just like that, Summer is here! A few months ago, I threw my 7-year-old daughter an amazing birthday party. I could not be happier with the final product and the kids had a blast! I thought this fun camp-themed outdoor birthday party would be the perfect event to share with you around this time […]

Elaine & Trevor’s Chic Sapodilla Wedding   By accident, or maybe by fate, Elaine & Trevor’s chic Sapodilla wedding story began at the altar. The first time the couple laid eyes on each other, Trevor was a groomsman and Elaine, a bridesmaid in the wedding of their closest friends. Who could’ve guessed that ten years […]

Michelle & Michael’s Luxury Covid Wedding In these times, no social event is safe. Michelle and Michael’s luxury covid wedding, however, was an exception.  The couple’s wedding was just about as elegant and fabulous as it gets, all Covid considered.  Complete with a live Junkanoo and the most beautiful flamingoes, Mike and Michelle blew their […]