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Chic Destination Wedding at Kamalame Cay in The Bahamas

The Beginning of a Lifetime Adventure

Meg and Adam hosted their chic destination wedding in Kamalame Cay in The Bahamas. It all began on an August evening in 2013, right before the school year started at the University of Tampa. Meg and Adam met at a college party, sparking a connection that was both immediate and effortless. By December, they were inseparable. Through the years, Meg and Adam nurtured their bond through shared experiences and adventures. From the romantic landscapes of Italy and Fiji to the breathtaking shores of Australia and Bermuda, their love for travel mirrored their journey as a couple – exciting, exploratory, and always together.

The Magical Wedding Day at Kamalame Cay

When the time came to tie the knot, Meg and Kamalame Cay in The Bahamas was an undeniable choice. This private island nestled in The Bahamas, known for its stunning beauty and tranquil ambiance, perfectly encapsulated their love for nature and adventure. This destination wedding was a picturesque celebration of love. The d├ęcor blended in naturally with Kamalame’s flora. The wedding arch that was decorated with palm leaves and white flowers. Meg looked stunning in her Dova-styled dress and Dosa shoes from Grace Loves Lace. As she walked down the aisle, guests were moved to tears. Adam, in his elegant suit from Vitale Barberis Canonico, awaited her arrival with anticipation. The ceremony, officiated by Adam’s cousin, added a personal touch to their special day.

A Celebration of Love and Joy

The reception at Coconut Grove at Kamalame Cay buzzed with excitement and joy. Torches and candlelit tables created a magical atmosphere, and their first dance to “Aren’t You Lovely” was a heart-stopping showcase of their love. As they danced under the starlit Bahamian sky, surrounded by friends and family, Meg and Adam’s chic destination wedding at Kamalame Cay became a vivid celebration of love and unforgettable moments, heralding a lifetime of shared adventures.


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