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Bahamian Inspired Old Fort Bay Wedding in Nassau Bahamas

Old Fort Bay is a private members only club in Nassau Bahamas. The entire club is centered around a restored fort from the 1700s (hence it’s name), and definitely holds the old school charm. From the beaches, to the spa, and other luxurious amenities, Old Fort Bay is amongst the list of the most perfect places to have your destination wedding. Our lovely couple had a gorgeous ceremony there this past January. Their Old Fort Bay wedding included over 150 guests. Yet, the lawn perfectly fit the size of the party. They stuck to the natural color scheme of the venue, opting for a classic palm green and white.  Theodore Elyett, Bahamian Fashion designer customized the bride’s gown.  She paired the custom dress with shoes by Amina MuaddiAseel of Vela Salon styled her hair. Both the groom and groomsmen wore Hugo Boss.

The talented Araxie of LDF Bahamas curated this entire experience. The couple went the non-traditional route for dessert. Instead of a wedding cake, they opted for Mudda Freeze ice-cream. This is an artisanal Bahamian ice-cream shop with a niche for traditional island flavors.  There were so many thoughtful and impactful details. From the flamingos at the reception to the luxury Bahamian designer: those are what made this a truly Bahamian wedding.





old fort bay wedding




old fort bay wedding



old fort bay wedding

If you’d like to see more of this stunning couple, check out their e-session! We took to the streets of Downtown Nassau to capture those truly dreamy shots.