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Glamorous 40th Birthday Photoshoot

Two words: Grown & sexy!

When Lakeisha came to me with her vision for her glamorous 40th Birthday, I knew exactly the direction I wanted to go in. We wanted something elegant yet playful. Luxurious, but fun! I really enjoyed watching the sets come to life, but when that spotlight hit those disco balls, I knew we were about create something iconic.

For the next look, we wanted sultry. I’m so happy with the brown monochrome background. The warmth of the orange backlight along with the different textured fabrics really set this over the edge.

Of course, we couldn’t just allow glamorous 40th birthday photos this incredible to be posted and forgotten. We collaborated on a custom reveal box with the color of our favorite look of the entire shoot- our disco pink! The front of the box perfectly encapsulates the theme: “Hello, Forty”. Because THIS is how forty looks; elegant, sexy, playful, confident, bold.


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