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With over 700 islands and thousands of venues, how could you possibly choose one location for your Bahamas wedding? We know. It’s scary and intimidating. As soon as you think you’ve found the perfect spot, you stumble across one you love even more! Or, you’re working against a budget. We’ve gone through the trouble of […]

The Photo Cookout Virtual Summit is an exclusive set of free online photography courses focused on making your business a success. Join me as I take you under the hood of Adobe Lightroom. Learn with me as I give you the tools to take your editing game from Basic to Pro. With the use of […]

It’s been a hard day. You’re tired–and let’s face it–a little cranky. OK, a lot cranky. So to cheer yourself up, you walk over to your computer and fire up the DVD of your recent family portrait session so that you can flip through the images. After seeing the slideshow playing on your tiny laptop, you […]