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Getting a email from a fellow photographer asking if you are available to photograph them is always a great feeling. It’s akin to having your work validated and especially when said photographer is celebrating major milestones in her life. Jamika wanted her Grand Bahama portrait session to be fun, colorful and filled with laughter to […]

I love any opportunity to head out the the Eastern end of Grand Bahama, so when I was contacted by Shari, letting me know that her family had rented a vacation home and her daughter Allison, wanted to her senior session on the beach. I was super excited. We scheduled the shoot at Golden hour […]

I’m really proud of this chic Bahamas holiday session and I’m excited to share how it all came about. It was almost two years ago when I received an email from Nadjua, she was studying medicine in Barbados and had come across my work when her boyfriend William – now fiance- had attended his college friends wedding and […]

Right before Christmas, I had the pleasure of photographing my sweet and amazingly talented friend, Paola. (She created the custom Bahamas map on this blog) Paola has this amazing spirit about her and her family are ridiculously good looking! Family photography always brings the point home to me to create MY own family memories too. […]

  The holidays are just a few weeks away and so I’m happy to announce that we will be holding 2 days of Bahamas holiday mini-session in our Freeport, Bahamas studio. The Theme is “White Wonderland” As we don’t get snow in The Bahamas, Brittany & I will be creating a beautiful Bahamas photography set with […]