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5 Best Branding Session Tips

Not to be confused with headshot sessions, branding sessions are much more detailed. Branding sessions are a surefire way to get across the attitude of you and your business, when done right. Instead of showcasing yourself as an individual, branding sessions help you convey the theme of your brand. “How?” We’re so glad you asked! While headshots are typically taken on a basic backdrop with a few outfit changes, branding sessions open a world of possibilities. You’re able to change location, add props, and anything else that may resonate with your brand. Without further ado, here are our 5 best branding session tips!

  1. Know your business!

What do you hope to achieve with this session? What message do you want to portray about the type of business you run? This comes with knowing your business and staying true to your brand. Discuss with your photographer exactly the theme of your brand and generate ideas as soon as possible for color scheme, location, props, etc. Think about how these images would look on company websites, social media pages, flyers; do they fit your theme? Can you identify a theme in your business? If not, maybe tackle that before booking your branding session.

2. Choosing wardrobe

Because these are not headshots, you can get really creative with your wardrobe. Don’t just choose professional, neutral, multi-purpose outfits. Instead, choose clothes that resonate with your specific career/brand. Health care practitioners might take a few photos in their white overcoat, private chefs in their apron, etc. This applies to color scheme as well. For instance, a brand invested in health food may display bright natural colors like greens and yellows.


3. Choosing location

Again, get creative and specific! This session will be completely tailored to the needs of your brand so use that to your advantage and really make it resonate with your business. Utilize as much of your day-to-day office or work space as possible. This will make using props a lot easier when you consider incorporating the tools of your trade.

4. Gather lots of inspiration

Don’t shy away from Instagram and Pinterest to help you brainstorm some ideas from other likeminded professionals. Creating a mood board with color schemes, wardrobe, and other relevant ideas will help you gain and keep inspiration. It also helps you keep focus on the ‘feel’ of your shoot. Check out our Pinterest for loads of categorized inspiration boards for portrait sessions like these ones

5. Create a shot list

What are your must-have shots that you absolutely will not leave without? It’s crucial to let your photographer know your vision so you can tackle those shots as early as possible with plenty of time to get the rest.  Think of the essential elements of your business and make sure it is represented in at least a few of these images.

There you have it; the 5 best branding session tips. We hope this helps. If you’d love to hear our five best headshot session tips, click here!