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Tips & Tricks for a Great Headshot Session

No matter what field you’re in, no matter how small your business, one thing’s for sure: everyone needs great headshots. You’re a walking representation of your brand, and what is branding? The art of differentiation. You don’t have to subject yourself to ridiculous marketing tactics or stretch yourself thin by offering amazing service at prices that make your pockets hurt in order to stand out. Sometimes, all it takes is a great headshot. Something that says “This is a face you can trust to get the job done.” So, here are some tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of your headshot session.

Tip 1: Multiple Wardrobe Changes

We always recommend our clients bring at least four changes of wardrobe. Choosing the right clothing for your headshot is crucial as it is a reflection of your personal brand and the image you want to convey to your clients. A well-chosen outfit can help you express yourself and your business better while making you look professional and polished. Having a good range of styles to choose from ensures that your photos will be versatile and useful in various contexts, from your website to your LinkedIn profile. So, take some time to plan your wardrobe and select outfits that represent you and your brand in the best light. One of our favorite wardrobe staples is a white blazer, shirt or blouse. This gives such an effortless, elevated look to your photos and works with every type & color of backdrop. Try to avoid blousy top and fussy necklines.

Tip: Check out our Pinterest for outfit inspiration. We customize a board for every client’s style, business, and vision.



Tip 2: Incorporate the tools of your trade

┬áIf you’re a carpenter, bring along a toolbelt or hammer. You’re a makeup artist? Pose with some of your brushes or a colorful eyeshadow palette. Let the little details be a testament to how serious and passionate you are about your work.

Tip 3: Consider multiple locations


With the right photographer, you will never have to limit yourself to a studio or indoor session. Although the main focus of headshots is simple, clean, professional photos, an outdoor background is refreshing and unique. You can even opt for doing half your session in-studio and half on location!

Tip 4: Team up!

If you’ve got a business partner(s), it’s never a bad idea to take headshots together. This ensures all parties of your business or brand are represented in full capacity, and besides, having a familiar face around helps you loosen up and get more comfortable, faster.

Tip 5: Don’t take yourself so serious!

Professionalism should not have to mean sacrificing the enjoyability of your experience. You are human, spending your time and money on a photoshoot. Laugh, dance a little, play with the props, and most of all: have FUN! A genuine grin looks so much better than a tight-lipped, forced smile.

Every one of these beautiful people are clients of LWP. If you like these headshots, check out more of our work here! Let us know if any of these tips or tricks were helpful or insightful in securing you at least one great headshot.