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Absolutely Awesome “I Do!” at Rosewood Baha Mar


 Absolutely Awesome ” I Do!” at Rosewood Baha Mar

To say the least, Meghan and Scott had some.. interesting choices for their absolutely awesome “I Do!” at Rosewood Baha Mar. Smack dab in the heart of December; I met Meghan, Scott, and their beautiful daughters, not in gowns, suits or dress-shoes. The two girls stood, bouquets in hand, comfortably sporting simple black bikinis and wide grins. Forget the tux! Scott opted for a simple white collared polo shirt and shorts. Meghan’s lovely one-piece swimsuit with her flowing salmon waist wrap completed the wedding party. I followed the barefooted gang out to their wedding site, but not before capturing some epic images of Meghan chugging her drink!

The two had a short but sweet ceremony, witnessed by only a handful of guests. Then it was off to the pool for some fun family shots (Did we mention it was the middle of December??). Meghan could hardly contain the excitement on her face and she proudly showed off her new ring. The entire day ended with the soaking wet party all holding each other close.


Rosewood Baha Mar

Absolutely awesome "I do!"

The girls in their black bikinis

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