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Thursday Tips for Photographers- Growth, Knowledge & Inspiration

A few of my favorite books

As a photographer I am always seeking for ways to grow and improve my skills, always constantly seeking inspiration not just from my immediate surroundings but from artists I admire.
One of the ways I do this is it to revisit images from my favorite photographers and read about better ways to improve my shooting, connecting with clients and having my audience identify with my imagery.
For  my first ever shoot. I was inspired after a trip to New York, where I had purchased so many amazing fashion magazines.
I got a friend, styled her, and was simply content to replicate my favorite poses ripped from the pages of some of these magazines.
 The one biggest thing that exercise taught me was how to direct a model to achieve the look I wanted. “Bend forward” Turn this way, Look down, lean back”.
And that was ok, I wasn’t looking to create any masterpieces there was no right or wrong, just to get comfortable and be able to physically recreate my vision.
Thats why as an artist, you have to keep creating personal work, It helps you build your style, find models who bring out the best in you and allows you to learn and master new techniques.
Some of my favorites are Ellen Von Unwerth, Vidal Sassoon,  Helmut Newton, Emma Summerton &  Grace Coddington, Sue Bryce, Jose Villa & Kristen Weaver.
Next month I take a leap of faith and head to Las Vegas for the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Convention (WPPI) which I am a full member of. I have signed up for shooting workshops & talks and I’m looking forward to absorbing new knowledge and meeting some of these photographers that  have admired from my little Island.
So photographers, Let your thirst for knowledge feed your growth and lead you to new things.

Below are images from a personal project “The lady wears Hats”