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Top 10 Ways to Entertain your Guests at Your Bahamas Wedding

    Entertaining Guests at Your Bahamas Wedding- As if the breathtaking landscape and charming people weren’t enough to make your guests fall in love with not only your wedding but the Bahamas itself, I’ve seen so many stunning and innovative displays of entertaining your guests at your Bahamian Wedding that took ceremonies right over […]

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Katis + Taurean | Reef Atlantis Bahamas Engagement session

Funny story, but the first time I met the beautiful Katis (pronounced Kay-Tis) in 2014 she came up to me at her cousins wedding and told me that whenever she got engaged and the time came for her to choose her wedding photographer, she would be giving me a call. Fast forward to 2017 and […]

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Atlantis Beach Proposal | Bo & Brynna

I could feel the excitement through Bo’s first email when he contacted me about an Atlantis beach proposal to¬†Brynna. They were set to take their first trip together outside the US and were heading to Nassau on a cruise. Having met online, they quickly discovered that they had many similar interests! One being that they […]


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