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Natural Light Studio in Freeport Bahamas

Lightworx Creative Studio- Natural Light Studio

Lightworx Creative Studio is a 1300 square foot natural light studio in Freeport Bahamas. It started as a simple passing thought, that it would be nice for the island to have a proper studio. Not a cramped home office or even a makeshift setup in a hotel conference room (which my team and I have miraculously made both work in the past). Lightworx features crisp and fresh white walls, an open concept ceiling and concrete floors. The décor is simple and minimalist.  House plants and gold accents sprinkle the room. Our CYC wall (Infinity wall) is the first and only of its kind on island.

For photographers and videographers, automated simple backdrops and hand painted canvases, as well as C-stands, posing boxes, and a variety of other helpful equipment are at your disposal. This space is not only for professional production though. All forms and levels of creatives are welcomed, including Podcasters, YouTubers, and just about any creative searching for a well-equipped environment to use. You may also find modeling lights, umbrellas, and triggers.


The studio is in a prime location: not far from the airport (for the destination/ traveling photographer). It’s also central to many banks, restaurants, and boutiques; while still not being in the heart of the hustle and bustle of downtown Freeport. Frosted privacy windows and doors create a private intimate experience while still letting in the beautiful natural sunlight. Our cozy kitchen nook features an assortment of hot and cold beverages. Teas, coffees, wines, liquors, and of course water are available to you. Our ever-expanding client wardrobe is available to rent and includes unique one-of-a-kind pieces. Whether your shoot is maternity or corporate, we’ve got both and everything in between.

natural light studio in freeport

natural light studio in freeport

natural light studio in freeport

natural light studio in freeport

Some of our favorite studio sessions:

dark moody portraits in lightworx creative studiodark moody portraits in lightworx creative studiobuddy hield in lightworx creative studio jalisa hield in lightworx creative studio buddy and jalisa hield in lightworx creative studio

bright fun portraits in lightworx creative studio bright fun portraits in lightworx creative studio


Lightworx creative studio also has seasonal setups for almost every holiday, from Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, Christmas and so much more. Stay posted on our social media to see which setups you can look forward to and when. You can book an in-house photographer or hire your own. We’re sure to design our setups months in advance to provide more than enough turnaround time! Book our Midnight Shimmer holiday setup now!

For more info on this natural light studio in Freeport, check out our website at , as well as our Facebook page and IG @lightworxcreativestudio.