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Fun Camp-themed Outdoor Birthday Party!

And just like that, Summer is here! A few months ago, I threw my 7-year-old daughter an amazing birthday party. I could not be happier with the final product and the kids had a blast! I thought this fun camp-themed outdoor birthday party would be the perfect event to share with you around this time of year. While barbeques and potlucks maybe classic and traditional, there’s nothing like new memories. Blow your friends and family away with two just things: a big backyard, and a little creativity. No matter the age, everyone can take home an experience and every moment will be MAGICAL!

Sadie’s 7th Camp Party © 2021 Lyndah Wells Photography |

This party was so much fun to put together. Everyone had an amazing time and the experience was unforgettable. It brought me so much joy to see my daughter and her friends stare wide-eyed at every detail (especially the sweets).

Here are the links to all the details, big and small, that went into bringing this whimsical celebration to life. This fun camp-themed outdoor birthday party can be tweaked and turned into a way to celebrate any event of your choosing!

Teepee Piñata

Kids’ Teepee

Colorful pinecones

Outdoor String Lights 

Dried Wheat Stalks

Colorful Feathers

Brown outdoor cushions

Pastel balloons

Personalized tumblers, food packages, etc.

A huge shoutout goes out to MYB Event Management and Events by Bella Donne! They helped to bring every detail together so seamlessly and there is no company I’d rather work with to plan my events.

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