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Fun Grand Bahama Sunset Engagement Session

This Fun Grand Bahama Engagement session with Cara & Aki is filled with so much amazing energy between them. He’s constantly making her laugh. She loving rests her hands in his as they talk about how they met and their future plans. She’s totally embraced his Trini culture & speaks about how their wedding will be a fusion of both Cultures, Her Long Island, Bahamian one and his Trinidadian. Being with them for their Fun Grand Bahama sunset engagement session was hilarious. We played their favorite Riddims on the bluetooth speaker whilst they danced and teased each other.

In fact , we had so much fun that after their Grand Bahama Sunset engagement session we decided to head out for drinks! 

Having met whilst in Medical school (In the library) in Trinidad, Cara and Aki have been dating long distance for about 2 years now whilst she finished up her residency and he completes his engineering degree.

We planned this sunset engagement session just a day before and I’m so glad we did.

We were treated a spectacular array of colors as the sun set below the horizon. Fortune Bay beach with its still shallow waters made a perfect backdrop.

They told me all about their wedding plans and I can’t wait to photograph their Nassau Bahamas wedding day later this year. They’ve promised me lots of great food and dancing. I know this will be a wonderful celebration of their love and commitment to each other.