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A Nassau Adventure- Krystal & Scott, | Nassau Wedding Photographer

It’s been a little while since my last blog post! Wedding season has kicked off and I’ve been super busy:)
Last Wednesday I flew over to Nassau with fingers tightly crossed. You see, we had had a day of heavy rainfall and overnight it rained even harder! Nassau had experience a lot of flooding and Krystal had called me a little worried.  I did my best to reassure her that whatever happened we would make it work. I have never had bad weather postpone any of my weddings and I wanted to keep a clean record.
My drive to the airport was promising, sunshine, a little cloudy but not the ominous rain clouds from the day before. Krystal and Scott were actually getting married at Sandals resort and had hired me to shoot their bridals as they wanted a Bahamian feel to their photos & didn’t want to be restricted to the all inclusive resort.
 We had planned the locations months in advance and I was super excited! 3 hours of bridals!! This is a photographers dream!

My original assistant couldn’t make it out of her house due to flood waters so I quickly called another photographer friend and he came right out to help.
I met Scott & Krystal in front of Sandal and they jumped in my little rental car and off we went to the first location! The straw market! It doesn’t get more Bahamian than that!
 We had a great crowd cheering us on.
Here are just a few images from Krystal & Scott’s bridals which we shot at 3 different locations all around Nassau. They were such a fun couple and even the rain didn’t dampen their spirits!!! A special thanks to my assistant Vallon for driving back and forth so I could get the perfect motion blur shot!!