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Thursday Tips for Photographers- “The Edge” Posing for portraits| Bahamas Lifestyle Photographer

I’ve been wanting to start a post for photographers and there’s no better time like the present. So today’s tip is “Posing tips for portrait photographers.”
I call this pose ” The Edge”
The images below show a style of posing that I use a lot, mainly when I’m shooting indoors but it can also work out doors when you have a bench or seat with a high back. 

  • For this shot to work well you have to position your subject on the seat and then ask them to twist back towards you so that their arms are resting on either the side of the couch or over the back rest of the couch.

  • Get them to relax, but not so much where they slouch forward (we want to avoid double chins & squished arms)
  • Their hands can be placed together or they can lean into the cushions (feel free to take a couple of test shots and see which works best)
  • For small children, they can rest over the edge of a bed or on the couch and drop their arms, if you can’t get them propped up.
  • For camera settings this shot pops when you shoot with a wide aperture, take it as wide as your lens will let you, I like to shoot at F1:4. 
  • Try and focus on the eyes and make sure those lashes are super sharp, that’s when you know you’ve got it right.

 This makes sure the focus is on the subject and that the background melts away into creamy bokeh-ness (that’s a made up word)
You can change your shooting angle and move over to the side so as to get a different perspective, which is great!

Let me know what you think, If you try this shot or have your own examples of “The Edge” I’d love to see them.  

Please post a link to your shot in the comments section.