bahamas  wedding & portrait photography

Henry & Michelle- Grand Bahama wedding photographer

Michelle & Henry’s stunning yacht club wedding, was the very first Bahamian wedding I photographed. Although I’m blogging this now, this took place in March 2011.
Michelle & I  knew each other through volunteer work we had done in 2009. So when she called me and told me she was getting married and would love for me to be her photographer, my squeal of delight could be heard by my neighbors, I’m sure! When we worked together, Michelle was in charge of co-ordinating the details of Heads of States, traveling in from almost all the Commonwealth Nations, so you can imagine her attention to detail, this was no mean feat!
When I saw her invitations she sent out to guests, I was blown away, A golden padded silk box covered with jewels. Every invitation containing a hand written note in a scroll wrapped in the prettiest ribbon.
Michelle & her beautiful sister Grace, went through each detail  of the wedding with me months in advance. As Henry hails from The Dominican Republic , they were flying in family members from Canada, Jamaica, Dominican Republic as well as England and other Islands of the Bahamas.
The logistics of it all were astounding. When I met the full extended family at the rehearsal dinner, I understood where the effortless grace, that Michelle handles everything situation with comes from.
Henry’s friend & family came prepared with lots of rum and  ready to celebrate!!!
The stunning ceremony was held at The Grand Bahama Yacht club & the reception held at The Grand Lucayan Ballroom. So enjoy all the amazing details of the day.