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The Photo Cookout Virtual Summit

The Photo Cookout Virtual Summit is an exclusive set of free online photography courses focused on making your business a success.

Join me as I take you under the hood of Adobe Lightroom. Learn with me as I give you the tools to take your editing game from Basic to Pro. With the use of advanced techniques and my editing secret sauce, you’ll be able to create vibrant and dynamic looking photos that will wow your clients. I’ll also share how to avoid Photoshop altogether yet still apply those advanced photoshop retouching edits in Lightroom.Don’t reject that photo! Let me teach you how to bring it back to its glory. Together, we’ll take your editing from Basic to Pro!

Alongside some of the best in the industry, we will be giving away the insider knowledge on editing, lighting, google ads, sales & marketing, and much more!

From May 4th -8th 2020 join us and learn how to take your photography skills and business to another level. The best part of the courses is that they are completely FREE!

Ready to completely transform your business?

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